Inspired by the eternal love of a husband for his late wife

Senibong Bay hopes to create a place for people to spend good times together

Building unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

Senibong Bay Seafood Restaurant stands majestically on a beautiful piece of land by the seaside

A mesmerizing purple sunset on this vacant land that stood witness to a true love’s unfulfilled promise

This piece of land was a promise made by a husband to his wife

To build a little cottage and spend their remaining time together after he retires

But his plan didn’t come true due to the unexpected passing of his wife.

Amidst the whisper of the sea breeze

The landlord stayed on to the land, and vowed to never sell it to anyone.

Let the promise of love continues

This is the primary idea behind Senibong Bay Seafood Restaurant.

We were touched by the landlord’s unwavering love towards his late wife

And we were passionate about making this land a meaningful place

Where people can gather and cherish good times together.

We finally convinced landlord into renting out the place

To build what has now become Senibong Bay Seafood Restaurant.

Spectacular sunset, delicious food and live music that serenades through the night

Paired with the unwavering love of landlord that turned into sincere blessings for every customer

All of which converge into a promise we strive to deliver at Senibong Bay:

“Bringing happiness for all”



浅水湾海番村希望让人世间的所有相遇, 都能在最美的时光里,相聚于此。












让更多人在此相聚、相惜。 ​


把快乐带给大家 — 就是浅水湾对所有宾客的承诺 。

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